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4 Orientations that Clear Your Mind

Mary Clare, PhD and Gary Ferguson

Best-selling science writer and keynote speaker, Gary Ferguson, began his career chronicling the tracks humans leave in nature. Today, though, the author who Publishers Weekly calls “ever-evocative” says he’s working “to portray the tracks nature leaves in us. Ferguson’s most recent book, Full Ecology – Repairing Our Relationship with the Natural World is co-authored with his wife, Mary M. Clare. Ferguson’s The Eight Master Lessons of Nature, published by Penguin Random House in 2019 provides the philosophical ground for Full Ecology, and has gained substantial acclaim throughout the U.S. and across the world. Eight Master Lessons shines a powerful new light on the dazzling processes that nourish the creative powers of nature.

Mary M Clare, Ph.D., brings a lifelong passion for the natural world together with her career as a social and cultural psychologist. A fellow in the American Psychological Association with over 100 scholarly articles and three books, Mary recently joined Gary Ferguson to co-author Full Ecology – Repairing Our Relationship with the Natural World, a book for taking heart in our kinship with nature as we work to confront the climate crisis. Mary opens the way for considering how the natural world is a guiding force for contented and fruitful lives. Her spirited insights and techniques help people revive natural capacities for creative relationships and deep resilience in troubling times.

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