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Energy Psychology to Access Your Inner Calm

Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson is the CEO of Michelle Wilson International and is a mindset coach and energy psychotherapist. She is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years of experience in the psychology field, 20 years as a business owner, and has empowered thousands of clients to create extraordinary lives with profound peace and joy.

After Michelle received her Masters in Mental Health Counseling, she created and directed an eating disorders treatment center in a hospital near Boston for three years. She then transitioned to private practice before she became a mother 20 years ago so she could have the freedom and flexibility of being her own boss and has loved being a business owner and mom ever since.

Michelle is a trauma and anxiety expert who now works with high achieving leaders, professionals, and business owners to solve their upper limit problems so they can rise to their highest potential personally and professionally.

She is continually expanding her education for the best tools to help her clients become the highest versions of themselves. Michelle has studied mind/body medicine and peak performance through Harvard Medical School and beyond as well as applied neuroscience, positive psychology, and advanced training in energy psychology.

Michelle now takes her clients beyond traditional talk therapy and coaching to an elegant scientific process where they are empowered to release trauma, anxiety, or any other complex issues creating roadblocks to success.

Then clients can experience miraculous and rapid results including dramatic increases in revenue, productivity, and opportunities - all while reducing chaos and stress. Her clients experience the results they crave with grace and more peace & presence at home and at work.

Michelle now lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband of almost 30 years, her daughter who visits from college overseas, her teen son, and a collection of pets. When Michelle isn’t working with clients or reading the latest books on personal growth, she loves daily hikes & traveling around the world.

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