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Being a Quantum Human

Asara LoveJoy

Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, Nightingale-Conant program author, radio celebrity, founder of The One Command Technique Training, coach, and leader in the human potential field, says…
“As a quantum human you have a greatness within you found in your theta brain state - and by directly accessing your theta brain and issuing a Command you can instantly change your mind, your emotions, your genetic programs, your DNA and thereby your results! “

Inherent in The One Command Technique is your ability to stop your negative programs and bring about radical positive internal change to see your dreams realized. This is not an idea – this is a physical biological event that changes your perception of what is possible and repositions you in your universe from where you are to where you want to be – guaranteed!

Asara comes from many disciplines in the human potential field, including in-depth studies of the theta brain wave, and the quantum field, and opened her state of Washing approved Threshold University of Body Mind Science in the 1990’s to teach others her own system of what she had discovered. This took her to a successful radio career speaking with millions of folks in Southern California on Clear Channel radio and the development of public One Command seminars around the globe, including Japan, Mexico, Canada, England, Europe, and Scandinavian countries. 

She enjoyed her radio show, Living in the Quantum Field sharing great ideas with featured guests such as; Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Guy Finley, Lynne McTaggart, James Malinchak, Dr. Joe Vitale, Greg Nesbitt, and David Riklan to mention a few and continues to share her knowledge of new possibilities.

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The One Command Foundation

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