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Life Intelligence and A Three-Dimensional Mindfulness Approach

Manijeh Motaghy

Principal Consultant and Coach
Co-founder, Executive Director, and Teacher at Perfectly Here; Founder of Mindful Business Institute. UCLA Mindfulness Teacher

Looking for truth and peace, Manijeh communed with nature since childhood. She picked up yoga in 1994 and Mindfulness in an undergrad class, 2004. Overjoyed to find a formal practice and teaching that she had sought all her life and intuitively applied. She delved deeply into Mindfulness practices and other Buddha’s teachings that offer a full perspective and support Mindfulness.

Manijeh experienced a cultural shock as a teenager when she moved to Burbank, California. She married and raised two wonderful sons. During this time, she continued her education, experienced financial success and hardship while managing a chaotic life due to addiction in her family.  She went through a painful divorce, started all over, and changed her route to spiritual living. Today, she leads with a deep sense of happiness.  Manijeh developed a consulting business and a non-profit to serve the community. Her insights and compassion have deepened through the losses of her father, two grandmothers, several other beloved ones, and the most painful one of all, the loss of her 26-year-old son. 

Dr. Motaghy received her Doctoral in Psychology of Organization Management Consulting (cognitive and behavior training) in 2008. She developed and trained Mindfulness-Based employee wellness and performance enhancement programs such as TOP, The Optimization Program, and ME, Mindful Employee. She has trained teams and individuals on the inner workings of the Strengths Finder 2.0 and coached many individuals, executives, and adults with ADHD. 

Dr. Motaghy has received rave reviews from corporate clients such as Disney, Kaiser, Health Net, Motion Picture Fund & Television Hospital, Dignity Health, and many other for-profits, non-profit organizations, and university settings. 

She has published countless blogs and articles, several of which for the Huffington Post.

Dr. Motaghy is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Board of Behavioral Sciences and an Affiliate MAPS Teacher by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. She has trained hundreds of people in the art of Mindfulness meditation, Mindfulness in Daily Life, Cultivating Positive Emotions and Self-Compassion, and series of Deepening practices and advanced classes. 

Her famous saying to her students is, “No matter the circumstance, you are not obligated to suffer.” 

Many people, especially women, find this statement relieving and encouraged to learn how not to suffer when life is tough.  Manijeh accounts for her continued growth and accomplishments in her peaceful life to an unwavering determination to learn and serve. She has a daily practice of Mindful Awareness, yoga, healthy eating, self-care, and intentional living.

She recently graduated from the Inner MBA, a Conscious Business and Leadership Program from NYU.

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