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Tamara Childs Consulting 

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Stop the Crash and Burn Cycle.
Support for the Empath CEO

Live a Delicious Life without Self Sacrifice.

Energy Overwhelm is Real.

Are you an empath? Then you're wired to feel other people's emotions, and this can derail your sense of joy and focus. The same sensitivity you use to bring vision and stellar professional results can short-circuit you.


 "My work sucks the life out of me and I have nothing left to give at the end of the day." 


Do you often feel bogged down and struggle to find the source of this negative energy? Are there self critical thoughts in your head and you're not sure how they got there, or how to send them away? Do you ruminate over mistakes or interactions? Are you tired of the anxiety spiral? Perhaps self care goes on the back burner until it's a crisis so you end up feeling like a crash test dummy, and life feels less delicious.


What if you're not broken, you simply need the tools to clear your energy?


I Help High Achievers:


  1. Stop crash and burn cycles of feeling bad, undeserving, self-doubt, and unworthy.

  2. Clear the negativity that drains you.

  3. Restore your energy so life feels delicious. 


You deserve to enjoy your life and all its goodies without getting derailed or knocked down by energy waves! If you want true emotional freedom and mental space, book your consultation now and see how I can help!

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Tamara is the first person who told me there was nothing wrong with me. Working with her inspired me to learn to truly love myself, and that's an amazing thing.

Elizabeth 1 Jpeg.jpeg

I've tried energy workshops and other psychics - but they created as many problems as they solved, through a distortion of their own view of me. Of all the people I talked to, I trusted Tamara most.


Elizabeth Hurtado 


Just 72 hours after our session I’ve experienced dramatic coincidences that changed my thinking and trajectory. I made what will be my FIRST career decision made solely on the basis of intuition.

Avi 2019.JPG

 Our session was the point at which a transformation  peaked for me, where conversion and insight really  occurred! 


I had to follow up and thank you, given the momentum that has followed our meeting. Deeply grateful and much appreciate your wise counsel.


Avi Lev 

Attorney at Law

Tam White top.JPG

Meet Tamara

Intuitive & Energy Expert 

M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology

Tamara works as a private intuitive consultant to assist high achieving professionals in managing energy overwhelm, and preventing a debilitating “crash and burn” cycle. Energetic problems require energy solutions and an expert eye to detect pivotal draining dynamics and situations that syphon well being.


Her consultations are highly personalized with a unique energy analysis tailored to your concerns. They are designed to REDUCE overwhelm, static, and interference in your space so as to INCREASE satisfaction in your daily experience. This results in your energy restoration, and no time wasted to optimally live a life you love.


Her clients report a dramatic sense of vibrancy and peace that brings in self awareness and the potential to harmonize all areas of life.

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